Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Troy at 15 Months

Where do I begin? So much has changed since this little boy turned a year old. Says about 30 words and the list is growing daily. His mind is like a sponge and he’s so curious. “us dat?” (what’s that) is a very frequent question. When we say what something is, he tries repeating it. “ooze dat?” goes along with him wanting to know someone’s name. He has begun putting two words together as well: “dat’s mommie”, “dat’s daddie”, “dat’s guk” (that’s milk), “dat’s Abbie” (for the cat), etc. He seems to know exactly when to say “pees” (or please) and it works quite well. “Up pees” is very hard to resist. He tries so hard to communicate with us. I’m working on him saying “help” when he wants something. Help sounds a lot like “up”.

T looking through heart

Brian puts him to bed at night and during December, usually would read to him “A Charlie Brown Christmas” followed by a reindeer story (complete with a reindeer finger puppet), sometimes another book and ends with a “Jesus Loves Me” book. Brian sings along with the book. The other night, Brian told me that Troy pointed to the book and said “bibul” at the same time. He doesn’t say this to any other book. Brian claimed he was singing along with the book. Of course I had to make sure he knew what he was talking about. It is the sweetest thing, my little boy calling this little book about Jesus a “bibul.” And, trying to sing “Jethus, Jethus, bibul…soooo”. He now sings it at random times, often in his highchair. Sometimes he throws in a little “ABC” along with it but I think it’s darling.

T looking at me with piano

“No” has become a favorite word at times. Just as he was saying it quite often, we started encouraging him to say “no thank you” and now it is “No dadu” although not quite as sweet as it may sound! Every child or infant is called a “bebe” – too bad he isn’t speaking French, right? Also, he loves his bath and says it just right. That is the same with book and up. Other words: “da” (down), adur (water), duk (duck), tuk (truck), ca (car), baw (ball), choo choo . There are more, I wrote them down (of course) and cannot find them (naturally!).

T in backyard

In the photo below, I was in the office working (we were without a sitter for 2 weeks – ouch!). T cannot stand to be away from me while I’m in the office. Here he was trying to “sneak” in. That look on his face is of uncertainty – he knew he wasn’t supposed to be coming in.



Weight: 31 pounds (90th percentile)

Height: 32 inches (80th percentile)

Head: 18.75

He is ALWAYS on-the-go, too! You’d think with his weight, he’d be a still, quiet child. Quite the opposite! He’s only still when sleeping, sitting in his high chair (although he wiggles his feet and toes) and occasionally when he reads a book. Maybe he thinks he’s going to miss something? I don’t know.

He is HEAVY, especially for me who is packing on an extra 20+ pounds with this pregnancy so far….and still have a couple of months to go. That’s over 50 extra pounds to tote around. Am I whining?