Monday, June 13, 2011

Troy at 21 months

Ball of fire. Energetic. Loves to jump. Loves cars, trucks, bicycles. Wants people to “watch” him all-the-time. Loves to run – doesn’t seem to know what walking is. Loves his brother and kissing him with fish lips. Says hundreds of words – I cannot even begin to count now. Is beginning to speak in sentences but thinks hard about it. Can count to 10 and say his ABC’s (although not well). Knows itsy-bitsy spider, Jesus Loves Me, The Barney (I love you) song, Wheels on the Bus and Old McDonald. Knows several animal noises – and loves animals.


T smilingface

He’ll probably kill me for this one day…

Baby pool with T and J

Progression of the mornings when Brian is out of town: He wants his brother in his bed. Talks to him, kisses him…may be a little rough. But I think it comes from love for him?!?!

In ts bedholding js handTroy and Justin in big bed

Running more…

running downhill bestT with weed

And I’m not sure if I should mention this but he’s beginning to want to “go” in the potty. I’m not exactly sure he’s ready for this.