Thursday, September 29, 2011

Riding low

This is what Troy wanted to do the other night. It took him a while but he eventually said, “dudis wide piderman” and brought his “spiderman” car. When I put Justin on the car, Troy yelled, “yay, yay!”, left the room and came back with his firetruck car. He was so proud of himself!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Fall Afternoon

Sweet smiles

J smiling on lawn


J eyelashes

Sweet brothers.

T and J smiling cropped


troy and b golfingt from rearT with golf clubtroy running with golf club

Wagon and tricycle rides. Someone likes to “drive tricycles”

troy riding with t pulling J

He had to stop to tell us he saw a “W”! “Wook mommie, wook daddy, it’s a w”!

WT smiling on bike

Fun day.

I Two! I Two!

We had a fabulous birthday celebration for Troy. Since his b’day is 4 days before mine, we combined a few things into one. I have to admit that he had cupcakes almost every day of the week. It has to be a record – and I realized he was beginning to think that was the norm!

Decorating cupcakes was a huge hit. He stood still, watched and waited in anticipation. He was excited to be able to help put sprinkles on the cupcakes. Little did I know that he already knew how to blow out the candles. I have to admit I was impressed by his patience – especially for a two year old! He’s quite proud of the fact that he can hold up two fingers on his own and will yell “I two, I two!”

Here he is being very sweet.

DSC_3909decorating cupcakes

SO excited to blow out his candles (I had to light them twice so we could get him on the video camera).

DSC_3917DSC_3918holding two fingersDSC_3906

The birthday boy with his parents Smile

e t and b

So glad I made this banner. It was fun to use again and I plan on using it for many years to come! Every letter is appliqued on and cut out separately. It took me HOURS to get it right.

Happy birthday bannertroy bannerE and t

We had a very small birthday get together. He’s here with one of his girl friends jumping on his trampoline – they had a blast!

T and Reagan jumping

In his two year old outfit (reversible pants). Love ‘em!

This little dude is a yardstick – exactly 36 inches tall, weighs 32 1/2 pounds which puts him in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Frankly I was surprised because he doesn’t seem that big to me. He’s talking up –a-storm! He still refers to his brother as “dudis” and has trouble pronouncing words with “f”. Most things usually sound like a “p”. Piretruck, piderman (spiderman), etc. One day he said, “Mommie, help me find my piderman pwees”. I was very surprised and of course, dropped what I was doing to help him. He routinely says “I wub you” and will repeat ANYTHING we ask him to say.

I love this little boy to death – he has been such a joy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer, summer? Where’d you go?

One of my favorite pics of me with my boys this summer. Justin is SO much bigger since this photo was taken.



J and T in pool

The diving board was a hit!

T jumping from diving boardt jumping from diving board 2

Closeup: uh…I think he likes it (btw, this was his idea).

T jumping from diving board close up face

T jumping from diving board 3T coming up from water


One of my besties watching J.

Tracey with J copy

This summer has been so-much-fun! From the neighborhood pool, the club pool, the kiddie pool in the backyard and front yard as well as a few trips to the beach. It’s been quite busy but oh-so much fun! Sad that it’s about done. I’m not even sure we’ll get to go back to the pool this year since the weather is cooling down.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Troy is TWO!

Today, two years ago, my life changed.

For the better.

A little miracle…on the GO!

straight on

Who mimics his daddy.

squatting with daddy1

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The beach, the beach

Off we went. Well, me and the younger boys. I drove-all-by-myself. A 23 month old and a 5 1/2 month old in tow. Should have been a three and a half hour drive but it ended up about 5 hours. Not bad for my first rodeo with both of them going that distance, though.

We stayed with my sister’s in-laws. Got that? Or, my sister’s FIL, MIL. Anyway, they were fantastic, it was so much fun and we had a blast! They have a cute condo at Blue Mountain Beach.

There are some cute bare bottomed photos of Colt and Troy but unfortunately the internet isn’t safe to post those so I’ll keep them for a wedding rehearsal dinner party, bribery or something of that sort Smile

Here are Colt and Troy. Two busy boys who got along perfectly. At one point they found a container of Domino’s which Troy called a “phone” and they proceeded to play with their multitudes of phones for most of the times we spent indoors.

Troy Colt beach

We split our time between the pool and the beach.  J was able to play in his float and float on his back.

E and Justin in the poolE with J floating

Harry Wayne (or Pops) played with both boys. He treated Troy like he was his own…so sweet!

Harry Wayne and boys

This boys is precious!

J smiling

Ms. Sharon (aka Nana) loved on Justin. She was a HUGE help to me. She kept him several times while Mary and I did stuff with the older boys.

sharon feeding J

Troy (23 months) and Colt (2 years, 4 months).

Troy and Colt at the beach

Mary. No, she didn’t swallow a watermelon. She’s pregnant Smile

Mary with boysMary

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Wagon rides are fun….especially for brothers.

Troy is saying “sit down”!

wagon both boys

As you will see in Troy’s expression, he doesn’t like it when I tell him to “sit down”!