Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Cooking…..oddly enough I’ve been doing more of this over the past 3 months than in the past 3 years. Well, maybe not cooking in general but experimenting.

Took a cooking class a couple of months ago and learned how to stuff a tenderloin by cutting it and laying it flat then rolling some sort of stuffing inside. I used what I had on hand: mozzarella cheese and pesto. Didn’t have any baker’s twine so I used kite string (I have this for sewing) and it worked like a charm.


I know, it looks nasty but it tasted delicious.


The little boogers were playing around me. No, I don’t normally let them stay right under my feet while I cook but I let them for a minute so I could take a picture. Justin is usually wearing pants….Troy….not so much. He only wears them if he gets cold inside.

I posted the above picture on Facebook. Seems like everyone who made comments got a kick out of this except for one person Brian went to high school with. Told Brian that she probably had some sort of traumatic event involving either her or a family member and cooking/the kitchen. Well, he wasn’t a fan of her comment and she has now been defriended. While she may have meant well, it wasn’t taken that way. My mother was even bothered! Let’s just say that I don’t leave the kitchen unattended with my children running loose. It is dangerous!