Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Auburn, how I love thee….

(this post wasn’t posted when I wrote it so I’m doing it now…almost a month late)…

…We live in a pretty fabulous town. There are always things to do here. If someone says there’s nothing to do, well, they’re not looking. Just about any given day you can find something to do…it might cost some money but there’s something to do.

even for working families like us…

Auburn Basketball and Football are two, to name a couple. Justin and Blaine went to their first ones in November.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well behaved our children have been so far. They’ve been so good that we are motivated to get out and about. We thought (initially) that it was nuts taking a 2 month old, 20 month old and a 3 year old to basketball and football games. But, it works and they were all so GOOD! I’m praising them and thanking the Lord they have been so good.

My in-laws continued their yearly tradition of coming to our house and watching our kids so we can go to the games – yes, you read that right. It’s been fun to say the least and gave us a little time to spend together hanging out.

blaine smiling

Hanging out before the game and tailgating…

family at football gameboys in chairs

At the game.  First Auburn football game for Justin and Blaine.

Justin at the gameE with blaine

To say that Auburn had a rough season is an understatement. As of December, coach Chizik has been let go (after a 3 year stint including one National Championship) and the former offensive line coach has been hired. All of the assistant coaches were not asked to return. There are now new coaches who bring with them a bunch of anxiety and hope from the fans. While I love going to games, I try not to get all wrapped up in having opinions on things I don’t know enough about (i.e. the ins and outs of coaching and why they do what they do).

The boys wrestled with Brian and had a BLAST!

+B wrestling with boysjustin running