Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012

A trip to Birmingham and a visit to The Alabama Theatre to watch Christmas Vacation.

The play, you say? No, the movie. So. Much. Fun. I cannot remember how many times we’ve done this but we have gone with the same friends from Birmingham for several years. We missed the last couple of years but are so glad we made it this year. Fun times!

My BIL and SIL watched Troy and Justin. Someone (not naming any names) forgot milk for the baby….so he got to come along with us. He could not have been any better!


So before the movie starts, there is a little entertainment. The organ comes out from the floor and people sing Christmas carols/songs. This year, they called up the folks who dressed up so they could stand at the stage. People sometimes go all out for this movie by dressing the part of Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie. Fun stuff.