Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17, 2012

Our church has done this countdown to Christmas chain thingy. Among other things, it includes taking a family photo for Christmas, decorating the house for Christmas, listen to Christmas music, make homemade Christmas gifts, bake cookies to take to neighbors….oh, and “go outside and play in the snow! (that one should have been play in the leaves). So the idea is to get excited and count down the days until Christmas. We (or I) decided to countdown 9 days before Christmas and do it everyday. Some people are doing it every other day, every week or whatever works for their schedules. I put ours together and it’s hanging from the chandelier in the kitchen. Troy loves counting down each day. Justin likes to point to it and babble!

On the 17th, it was to “Drive around and look at Christmas lights”. We went to our local Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail where the Marriott is located and saw the light show. You park your car,  turn your radio to a certain station and the lights play/blink along with the music.

Troy was super pumped to stand in the front seat.


I’m getting as much use out of this Moses basket as possible. When B stretches out, he’s too big for it but he still seems to like it. Do you see those little rolls forming? I can just eat him up!


I just noticed my socks…see, I really like them!