Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blaine at Eight Months

Well, here we go again. Sweet boy is still sitting up like a charm but is completely content with staying in one spot this month.

8 months stretched out

For Mother’s Day (this month), I took Troy and B to my cousin’s barn in Tuscaloosa. It’s actually a pretty neat/nice place with 5 bedrooms on the top, stalls on the bottom, big bays on the side, bays on the front, a concrete floor, kitchen up and downstairs, laundry room, bathrooms, etc. Enough to house my cousins, their 3 kids (2 sets of cousins), my mom, sisters and all of our kids. We had a blast! Justin and Brian stayed home because Justin was feeling sick. Turns out he had salmonella…..maybe I’ll write more about that later.

Below is one of my favorite pics of Blaine. He shared his cord blood when he was born. I kept forgetting to get his picture in the shirt so I could send it back to the hospital. The shirt just fit him (or maybe it was too tight, you be the judge). But, he was so sweet and innocent sitting up straight here. In the background is the land around the barn.

cord blood donation shirt

Justin has begun a true interest in Blaine. He can make him laugh which provides entertainment for all. Acting silly always makes a baby laugh, right?

j and b

eyes and teeth

He’s really started saying “mama” and I think he knows what he’s saying. Melts my heart.