Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blaine at Seven Months

Here I go trying to update Blaine. Yep, third child syndrome has set in at our house. Well, it set in a while ago I suppose. Keeping up with the blog has proven to be difficult.


So….back to Blaine. He turned 7 months at the beginning of April. What else happened in April? Blaine started sitting up confidently. And with such perfect posture! His little feet and legs would lay straight on the ground while he sat up as straight as a board.

His smiles come all the time. All.the.time.

And we started to think about moving him to his crib. This mama wasn’t ready to move the kid out of his parents room.

His eye teeth came in right after his two bottom teeth. So for a brief few weeks, he looked like a baby vampire. I’ve loved taking him with me where I go: the grocery store, a ladies night out at the local running club. You name it, he’s easy so I take him with me. He garnered so much attention at the ladies night that he ended up in the “fashion show” with one lady. Then he decided to spit up (a lot) – but at least he only got that on me and the floor. Oops.

7 months 4 teeth

Peek-a-boo is one of his past-times.

Brian playing peek a boo

He went to his first big social outing (I think it was his first) to a fun event in Opelika called On the Tracks. He was, of course, the most adorable baby in attendance.

7 months fav

Then, on April 20th, his Memama and Grandy came in town to participate in the final rolling of the original Toomer’s Corner trees. Sure, they are (were) just a few trees. But, they were filled with pomp and circumstance, tradition and love. I specifically recall one Sunday after the Auburn/Alabama game back in 1997 or 1998 when Brian and I came to Auburn just to see the trees. It was like snow. I have the photos somewhere collecting dust. Anyway, anybody who’s been to downtown Auburn probably has some sort of memory about the trees. A few years ago, a man poisoned the trees with some pretty potent stuff and the trees have slowly declined. They were cut down on April 23rd.

3 boys with treeblaineMemama and grandy