Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blaine at Eleven Months

Here we go…the countdown to the big 1. Seriously, how did time go by so fast? My little “baby” is still just that, a baby…but he’s a mover and a shaker. I’ve been glad that he’s been exclusively nursed this whole time. In fact, when I’m nursing him is the only time he’s still…except for when he’s sleeping. So anyway, he’s also developed a little temper.

He doesn’t like to be changed so he’ll grunt and throw his hands up and down to let you know. And, if he gets a toy taken away from him (because he only wants age inappropriate toys), he will try to hit you. What’s up with that? It’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

On other news, he’s talking more and more. He will, on his own, point at the cat and say “Abbie”, and will also say eat, mama, dada, up, eat, uh oh, oh, all done.

11 months

The two top molars have come in already and the bottom two are almost through. He’s got some chompers for sure!

blaine face and eyes

Standing proudly…he’s started cruising a bit and will push a toy around easily now.

blaine standingstanding crying

The little brown spot on the back of his left thigh is a birth mark. It’s gradually gotten bigger as he’s grown. It was the size of a pea when he was born. It’s now about the size of a grape.