Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blaine at Ten Months

Little dude started pulling up to stand and cut his forth tooth the day he turned 10 months. He started crawling a little after he turned 9 months and has been all over the place. In the morning after getting milk, he crawls all over the house. Blaine seems to have a ton of fun keeping us on our toes. Gone are the days of him staying in one place for longer than 2 seconds. Entertainment at its finest.

The brothers have become afraid of him, like he’s some sort of monster. The creature eyes one toy, heads that way and the two older brothers lose it – like screaming as if they were little girls. Ridiculousness at its best. Again, very entertaining.

Anyway, Blaine is a fun little thing and still as sweet as he can be.

10 months pic

The kid loves to crawl all over the place. Concrete, hardwood floors, carpet, you name it….but he’d rather crawl in grass than anywhere else. We had the yard sprayed for bugs/insects (and biting creatures) but he still ends up with little bites on his legs. He doesn’t seem to mind yet.

b looking to side in grass

Some determined little feet…