Friday, December 14, 2012

December 12, 2012

Today Troy’s preschool had their Christmas program. Yep, I was a proud parent when I saw that he was standing in the middle. My heart was smiling from the inside (everyone’s kid can’t stand in the middle). I thought this meant he knew the songs….well, that was true. Then he began marching in place, then running in place and before you know it, about 10 other kids were following suit. Um, I’m not so sure he was in the middle because he was the best at the songs and participating. Maybe they thought he was more quarantined in the middle? Either way, all of the kids were pretty cute. Check out how high he gets his knees when he marches in place – THAT is pretty impressive, right?

All of the kids are trying to decide whether they want to be on stage and are waiting for their eyes to adjust to the bright lights.


Singing Jingle Bells.


Troy is in the snowman sweater. Hunter (with the Rudolph shirt) started marching a little bit. Troy took it to another level. Later he broke it down.