Sunday, January 30, 2011

When the cat’s away, this little mouse will…..SEW!!!

I’ve been dying, well not really dying but I’ve been chomping at the bit to get some much needed sewing out of my system. Months ago, I decided I wanted to make baby Justin a few little things for him before he arrived. I thought I’d try and get them finished before the holidays so I’d have plenty of time to sit back, relax and tackle other fun projects. Uh…that didn’t happen. What did happen included a few other things I thought were a bit more on the front burner. So the fabric I bought for Justin got put on the backburner.

B has been out of town a good bit. What does that mean for me? I can sew like a mad woman! As soon as T has gone down for the night, I’m sewing up a storm. Why not? I love, love, love it. So although it probably doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much, it has been enough to keep me satisfied. The day after the half marathon, I picked up the outfits I had already cut out and began to finish the smocking and shadow work so I could actually assemble the rest. I hope I’m not the only person in the world who despises backsmocking. I mean, I know it’s a necessity but UGH! Not fun at all – and neither is cutting out patterns. Anyway, I had to get that stuff done before I could finish the little outfits.

The outfit below is a blue and white gingham gown with smocked lions. Buttons are vintage or antiques or something. They’re over 50 years old – thanks to Mamama (my grandmother). All of these outfits have buttons straight from her cupboard.


Simple boys’ daygown in blue cotton with ecru hand made tatting. Buttons are vintage pearl. They are VERY old and don’t match exactly which I love – makes them more special, right?


Boys’ bubble with smocking insert. Ecru pique with brown piping and tiger smocking.


A simple bubble, I love babies in bubbles!


Same bubble; reversible.

I love the below outfit. Single pleated top in blue gingham with matching blue cotton shorts. I especially love the shadow work on the top. I enjoy doing shadow work much more than smocking!

DSC_8469 DSC_8468

I also threw together a reversible longall for Troy on Saturday while he was napping. Used some old red pique and a big plaid I bought at Ikea for $6 a yard. I’ll post a photo of that outfit later.

By the way, this baby in my belly is HUGE! He has to be at least 15 pounds or so. I don’t want him coming out any time real soon but I also would like for him to stop making my stomach get bigger. Dear Justin, please keep incubating and getting fatter but please don’t stretch my stomach anymore. It is frightening when I walk past a mirror and see myself.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brooks Ryder

My baby sister had a baby last week in the midst of all of my chaos. Thankfully, my trustworthy running gals stepped in to help out a TON so I could go see the baby. Rebecca let me take pictures, poke and prod with little Brooks Ryder for a couple of hours. Here are my favorite photos. He was 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 19 inches long and about 8 or so days early. He’s a cutie with long, black hair. So excited for her! Crazy days to come for sure!

crazy hair looking at camera 2 looking at his mamabw ryder 2 bw ryder bowl Ryder closed eyes ryder ear bw Ryder holding onto pacifier  ryder in bowl2 bwl ryder laying sideways Ryder looking outside

Friday, January 21, 2011


Quick post just to put something in the blog.  Several things going on in my life right now: pregnancy, a 16 month old, organizing/directing a half marathon and selling children’s clothes….oh, and I work a full time job. Things have been a bit chaotic around the Corbitt household lately but strangely enough, we are holding down the fort. Husband has helped a LOT but I feel like an absent parent and wife.

I really mean it when I say that when this weekend is over, I think things will slow down tremendously.

The clothes show thing sort of fell in my lap unexpectedly but I’ve loved doing it. I’m a sales rep for Shrimp and Grits Kids which means I have to have shows twice a year but can work it out after work. So there ya go! My last show was earlier this week and was at my house. I had to take a photo for the blog. If you want to order something, please send me a message :) I’m always taking orders!


Next on the agenda is the Auburn Classic Half Marathon. It’s tomorrow and has made things quite busy around here. More details on that later!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OH What a Day/Night

So yesterday was a crazy day. The night before started with a winter storm warning. With B gone to the BCS Championship game, I prayed that the good Lord would protect me and Troy and keep us warm. He came through for us and kept us safe and warm. Thank goodness.

Pretty much stranded at home due to ice on the roads, T and I were able to hang out all day. Trying to incorporate work was well, interesting to say the least.

We did venture outside that morning and here is what we found: ice on bush ice on pinestraw and ground ice on tree limb icicles on car icycles on fire hydrant icycles on fire hydrant_edited-1

T noticed the fire hydrant and was quite interested in the icicles. That is until….uh, his fingers got cold. Someone should have put some gloves on that child’s fingers!

troy with icycles

The day went on and the university in the town where we live had a football game on TV that night we watched. It was a pretty big game, starting at 7:30. Troy went to bed about 7:15. After our local team won, we went to this little corner downtown where people like to throw toilet paper in the trees….

Toomer's Corner

troy in car going to toomer'stoomer's sign

Lizzy came and helped out…a LOT! Thanks L!

Lizzy and T

E with TE pregnant holding Tlooking down Magnolia @ Toomer's Michelle, AT, T and E toomer's 1 toomer's 2 toomerToomer's 3 toomer's

Oh yeah, that team won the national championship. It had been since 1957…that would be before my mother was even born. My grandmother called me today and was talking about how excited she was! I love the thought of my Mamama staying up until almost midnight watching

this football game.tshirt at toomer's

War Eagle!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Troy at 15 Months

Where do I begin? So much has changed since this little boy turned a year old. Says about 30 words and the list is growing daily. His mind is like a sponge and he’s so curious. “us dat?” (what’s that) is a very frequent question. When we say what something is, he tries repeating it. “ooze dat?” goes along with him wanting to know someone’s name. He has begun putting two words together as well: “dat’s mommie”, “dat’s daddie”, “dat’s guk” (that’s milk), “dat’s Abbie” (for the cat), etc. He seems to know exactly when to say “pees” (or please) and it works quite well. “Up pees” is very hard to resist. He tries so hard to communicate with us. I’m working on him saying “help” when he wants something. Help sounds a lot like “up”.

T looking through heart

Brian puts him to bed at night and during December, usually would read to him “A Charlie Brown Christmas” followed by a reindeer story (complete with a reindeer finger puppet), sometimes another book and ends with a “Jesus Loves Me” book. Brian sings along with the book. The other night, Brian told me that Troy pointed to the book and said “bibul” at the same time. He doesn’t say this to any other book. Brian claimed he was singing along with the book. Of course I had to make sure he knew what he was talking about. It is the sweetest thing, my little boy calling this little book about Jesus a “bibul.” And, trying to sing “Jethus, Jethus, bibul…soooo”. He now sings it at random times, often in his highchair. Sometimes he throws in a little “ABC” along with it but I think it’s darling.

T looking at me with piano

“No” has become a favorite word at times. Just as he was saying it quite often, we started encouraging him to say “no thank you” and now it is “No dadu” although not quite as sweet as it may sound! Every child or infant is called a “bebe” – too bad he isn’t speaking French, right? Also, he loves his bath and says it just right. That is the same with book and up. Other words: “da” (down), adur (water), duk (duck), tuk (truck), ca (car), baw (ball), choo choo . There are more, I wrote them down (of course) and cannot find them (naturally!).

T in backyard

In the photo below, I was in the office working (we were without a sitter for 2 weeks – ouch!). T cannot stand to be away from me while I’m in the office. Here he was trying to “sneak” in. That look on his face is of uncertainty – he knew he wasn’t supposed to be coming in.



Weight: 31 pounds (90th percentile)

Height: 32 inches (80th percentile)

Head: 18.75

He is ALWAYS on-the-go, too! You’d think with his weight, he’d be a still, quiet child. Quite the opposite! He’s only still when sleeping, sitting in his high chair (although he wiggles his feet and toes) and occasionally when he reads a book. Maybe he thinks he’s going to miss something? I don’t know.

He is HEAVY, especially for me who is packing on an extra 20+ pounds with this pregnancy so far….and still have a couple of months to go. That’s over 50 extra pounds to tote around. Am I whining?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Oh what a wonderful Christmas was had by the Corbitt household! Memama and Grandy came early and provided endless entertainment for T. He is especially loving his new trike and trampoline (below). Lucky kid!


Santa brought, among a couple of other things…toothbrushes which will go down as the favorite for the day!


We packed up the sleigh and headed to Hope Hull. Here I am with my sisters and cousin (and our boys, of course!).

With sisters and steven

My baby sister with her baby belly. She is due 4 weeks before me.

Elyse and Rebecca bellies

Then onto Wetumpka we flew! A snow on Christmas day! What a wonderful surprise!

E, T and B

These two cousins have begun to notice each other. It is great seeing them grow!

colt and troy A heart for Coltcolt through herat

A little kettlebear….

colt with kettlebear shirt   A piano can provide many minutes of fun for toddlers.T hands on piano

And so can a rocking chair.

   t in the chair   

And more time on the piano.

T with piano

The girls…

with family girls  Then off we went to Birmingham.

Apparently licks from dogs while eating dinner is fun.


And Karayoke….wonder what next year will be like?


More karayoke before dinnertime.


This Christmas was so much fun! We talked about Jesus and his miraculous birth. Our candlelight service was moving.  I thought about the fears Mary must have had before he was born. My thought process has been much different being pregnant during Christmastime!

Troy, although the youngest child, fit right in and played like a champ. He recently feels like he doesn’t need a nap when we are around a lot of people which works out just fine.

A cold or allergy spell for me made an interesting night for me after Christmas. Good thing I love Ricola – yummy!