Monday, August 6, 2012

July continued….Part 2

More time with the cousins. We took a day trip to my mom’s house (KK) to visit with my sister Mary who had her children over there again. I was around 33 (or s0) weeks pregnant. Saying that it was hot outside is an understatement. But, we had a lot of fun.

Mary, KK and I went to Wetumpka’s little (or big) park at the Riverwalk and let Troy and Colt run around. Troy likes to “perform” in that he will hold anything resembling a microphone in his hand and make announcements. It usually goes something like, “ladies and gentlemen, it’s kitty cat!” Or he’ll announce a person. Not sure where this came from but he first did it at the zoo. If he can find something that looks like a stage or is a raised area, he uses it as a stage and will make announcements and sing.

We went walking a good bit and when Troy said his legs were “tired”, I was so grateful when my sister Mary and my Mom took over and carried him. Awesome Brian stayed at home with Justin and Addie so they could take naps. How awesome is HE!?!?!

KK and Mary carrying boys

Here is Troy making announcements and both boys checking out the ducks.

Troy singing Colt runningboys with ducks

Here are both boys…randomly wearing outfits KK made.

Troy and Colt at little house 2

Troy and Colt at little house

Troy…..and KK trying out the zip slide thingy.

Troy on sliderKK on slider