Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July….Part 3

Since the Fourth of July fell the middle of the week, we headed to Grandy and Memama’s house the weekend before the 4th.

Troy LOVES the beach. Loves it….and would spend all day there if he could. He’ll randomly ask to go to the beach at the oddest times. Justin enjoyed eating the sand this time. Taking after his brother…


boys at beachE with boys on beachE with Justinfam bw at beach

Yummy sand!

Justin eating sand

Both boys had a taste of their first ride on the carousel. To say they LOVED it would be an understatement.

Brian and Justin on carouseltroy on carousel 1troy on carousel 2

Justin had his first trip to Baytowne. Troy was in awe of the zip line and thought he could ride it. Uh…maybe in a few years.

at baytown with T and J

We also cooked crabs! This is one of my favorite things to eat after going to the beach. Something my family did each year during our trips to Gulf Shores. Although Brian lived on the coast growing up, I’m the one who taught him how to cook these yummy critters. So good! I had to convince Troy (again) that they aren’t spiders. The child has a slight obsession with spiders and spider webs. Don’t let him in your house if you have any…unless you want him to find them for you!

grandy and troy with crawfishcrawfish in pot