Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wait…we’re having another baby?!

As the days draw nearer to the due date, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my pregnancy.

It’s going pretty good. The OB I see will only do one ultrasound (between 17-20 weeks) unless there are potential issues. Granted I probably could have asked for another one because of how things went with Justin but this time I have enjoyed just going with the flow. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy which has been nice. My belly is pretty darn large (see below) and gets in the way frequently when trying to pick up a child, bend over or when my children are pulling at my legs. The later is done quite frequently! And, when said child is trying to get my attention, my stomach keeps me from seeing them. I have to bend over to check out their faces. Fun stuff overall.

So here are some pics of me with my boys and just me at 37 1/2 weeks. How much longer will we wait for this baby to get here?! Only the good Lord knows!

E belly with boys1E walking with boysE with boys 1

See Brian’s beard? This started out as sort of a joke. See, I’ve practiced the “Bradley” method of childbirth. If you check out the suggested companion book, “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way” was originally written in the late 1970’s. Let’s just say the photos haven’t been updated. We found that it was appropriate (in a comical way) for Brian to grow out his facial hair via a beard or mustache in order to follow along with the book. Here he is with the beard:

Daddy with boys

So yesterday I thought I was in labor, the real deal…it dissipated within a few hours but it sure did kick us into get ready mode! Brian shaved the beard in preparation because we thought we’d have a baby the next day. And he didn’t want a bunch of pictures with him bearing a huge beard. False alarm!

On another note, Justin did WONDERFUL with getting tubes yesterday. We may be reading into things more than normal but Brian and I both think he hears better. Only time will tell! Perhaps this is why I started having contractions? Although I had pure faith that everything was going to be fine, I’m sure I was stressed a little about my baby being sedated and having surgery. Glad it’s over!


Amy said...

Aw. Love you Elyse. Those pictures are precious with you and your boys. And I love the beard along with the story. Miss you.