Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July….Part 4….Troy Swimming

Technically this belongs in May and June. But, here we are in July…

Anyway, Troy took swimming lessons from a local professional swimmer, Adam. He just happened to swim in the Olympic trials. Unfortunately he didn’t make it past the trials but just getting there is pretty remarkable. Adam will be in graduate school in Auburn this fall so there is a chance they’ll take lessons again. To say he was wonderful with Troy and his buddy P would be an understatement. Both boys cooperated at times and also acted like two year olds at times. Troy needed to go “potty” (#2) just about every lesson! Haha!

I thought it was hilarious. Troy is a VERY intense child. Almost two months later, he is doing awesome with swimming. He loves to jump off the side of the pool and swim back to the side on his own. He’s definitely on his way!


Troy and adamTroy with adam 1troy with adam 2troy with adam 3Troy and pattonadam and pattonTroy

Adam gave both boys jelly beans after their last lesson. Yummy! Troy wasn’t that excited, can’t you tell?

adam with t and p


The McDougald Family said...

How precious!! Impressived with their swimming...and a pretty fun teacher too. :)