Saturday, August 25, 2012

Justin at 18 Months

Time is flying by faster than I can keep up. Seriously, where has the time gone? Justin is a year and a half, is still as sweet as can be but is becoming more independent and friendly. At one point I thought he was shy, maybe because his brother is so outgoing? The kid isn’t shy at all and will “go” to anyone. He loves attention, loves being held but also loves to be able to share toys.

His vocabulary is exploding. He sleeps, eats and goes like a champ. Adoration for his big brother is so apparent and is increasing daily. Justin is still a Mama’s boy and lights up when I come into a room where he is. He can give the best hugs, doesn’t like to stay up too late (wants to go to bed when he gets tired) and wakes up raring to go! He sleeps from around 8 until 7 most days. Is getting picky with what he will eat. One day he loves one type of veggie and the next day he won’t tough vegetables. He’ll pretty much each any type of meat.

Still need to take him to the doctor for his 18 month appt but we know he weighs about 27 pounds.

He loves, loves babies. Well, babies just a few months younger than him. One example is Addie, his cousin. He adores her.