Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Justin is Walking!

At 16 1/2 months, he started taking a few steps and one week before he turned 17 months old, he took 10+ steps! Yay!!! After working with him daily on taking steps and getting to the point of walking, this has been a HUGE milestone! Babies born with clubfeet walk at all different times. Some walk early (by a year) and others are older than two. To be in the middle is awesome for us! Praise for Justin and a huge accomplishment….oh, and he’s pretty proud of himself also.

walking 2walking!

Long story but he has kept fluid on his ears since after he turned a year old. This is all that we know – hearing tests aren’t being passed and the next step is tubes. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, we’re going in and he’s getting tubes. Praying that this eliminates the fluid sitting in his inner ears and will correct any issues.


The McDougald Family said...

Way to go, Justin! What a big deal!!

Best of luck with his tubes...my son had to have his done at 7 months since he kept failing his tests and had repeated ear infections (really never went away). They actually put him to sleep more during tubes than they normally do and did a hearing test while he was asleep. The tubes did the trick and was much better, and met more milestones once they were in. Hoping all does well!!

Becca Parvin said...

I am behind on reading your blog but I wanted to tell you George had tubes when he was 3 only because his hearing was very low and it was affecting his speech. No ear infections whatsoever. Probably should have been done sooner. Anyway, the morning after tubes when we got home, his hearing changed immediately. He started asking me what noises were, noises like the air conditioner and a lawn mower several doors down. It was crazy how fast we noticed a difference in his hearing and speech. All that to say, you are probably correct in thinking he can already hear better! :) Glad it went well with Justin.