Monday, August 6, 2012

July continued….Part 1

As the unknown “day” approaches, I realized I need to get caught up on old pictures!

I’m going to recap (for the two people in my family who actually look at this blog) what we’ve been doing over the last month (and almost month and a half).

My sister Mary came to see us and brought her kiddos. It’s sufficient enough to say that Colt and Troy, at 4 months apart, play and fight like twins. Justin and Addie play like babies who don’t care (yet). The two of them are less than 9 months apart so I imagine they’ll fight one day when they care who plays with what toys. The boys and Addie played a good bit at home, rode the gator, colored and went swimming.

They look so sweet and innocent here, don’t they?!

cousins 1

And swimming…..think someone is shopping from Shrimp and Grits Kids?!


These two had the best time together. 2nd pic- hilarious!

J and addieaddie rear


Little J got sleepy…………………and my belly has overcome being able to see my child pulling at my legs!

j sleeping mary holdinge stomach with justin


Katie said...

I read your blog!

I love the belly pic and the bootie pic.

The McDougald Family said...

Love all these pics! So precious!! And, yes, they all look like little angels sitting there. :)