Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Club Feet – Third Casting

We should be counting our blessings. Everything went well today. Carlos unwrapped his casts (these are casts that you actually peel off). Justin stretched his legs, and then we used wipes to give him a little bath. Yes, wipes! Little J won’t get a “real” bath until the casts are off for good.

J did fuss a little bit as Dr. Doyle manipulated his feet. But, he said that J is doing great with the treatment. He said “just to be on the safe side”, he will have him come back next week for another manipulation and casting. Then, he’ll have the tenotomy. We are so excited! Weren’t expecting him to be able to get the tenotomy soon. But, since he’s doing so well, he will be ready for it. Dr. D even said that he would rather do the tenotomy versus not and added that he’s regretted not doing it when he thought he didn’t need to. So, this means that J is doing great but will still get the tenotomy to be on the safe side.

Whether he will be sedated is still unsure. Because of the heart condition, Justin may not be a good candidate for the anesthesia. He has to talk to J’s cardiologist and determine whether it’s a good idea or not. He did say that Justin did well with the manipulation and didn’t wiggle much so it may not be an issue. He likes to put his patients to sleep just in case the child or baby wiggles or moves during the procedure.

Here are some photos from today:

Before and After:

Before casting With purple casts third casting

No, we didn’t choose purple…that was all they had. At least it isn’t pink!


Jo-Ann said...

Feet are looking good, turned out, now upwards next!

Matthew had his tenotomy done with only local. It is such a fast procedure that i can't even imagine knocking a baby out for it. The doctor even let me hold him for it.

Honestly, the needle for the local was worse then the tenotomy. The actual surgery was only a few minutes.

If given the choice, I would go with local hands down.

Anonymous said...

Elyse !! I am so excited !!! Justin's feet are beautiful. Kinda teary-eyed now...hate it when that happens...his progress is nothing less than prayers answered. Maybe some of those interesting socks you bought would come in handy for the purple casts ?
Love ALL of you,
Mama (KK)