Monday, March 7, 2011

Home, more doctors appointments and a wonderful baby

So much has happened since we got home late Friday night. It was almost 10 p.m. before we arrived so after Justin ate, we all went to bed.

Troy has been up and down. Saturday was not his most glorious day but he was adjusting to having his parents together with him at home in more than a week, the attention he was receiving was not as much because of the baby and he was just trying to adjust I suppose. As was I! I have tried to make an extra effort to pick him up, tell him I love him, play with him and try to reassure him that I haven’t forgotten about him.

Sunday things began to sort of click with him, or so we think. He found out that if he kisses his brother, we tell him he’s so sweet. Thus, he will say, “I so sweet”. T’s vocabulary has increased significantly over the past few days. He tries to say Justin’s name but it’s fairly complicated for him. Bebe is much easier!

Monday we had an after-hospital-stay with Dr. C for Justin. Since Troy isn’t too far away from 18 months, I called that morning and we got him in. Having two wasn’t all that bad….I have to admit that B and my mother were there to help! Troy wanted tongue depressors to stick in the door stop and he was good to go for a while.

To say that we have been a bit nervous about Justin is an understatement. His breathing, the way he sucks on a bottle, the difficulty getting him to nurse, the way he sleeps most of the time, his feet, his heart, his lungs….blah, blah, blah. Well, we are gun shy. Dr. C really helped our nerves more than I expected. I had a laundry list of questions, she spent more than enough time with us and was very attentive and reassuring about everything. The only thing I forgot to ask about (and didn’t write down) was how much Justin should be eating. I’m nursing him some and supplementing with pumped milk. It is a job, let me tell you! Anyone else who has had a baby in the NICU who couldn’t nurse due to their condition at the time and later tries to get that baby nursing knows what this is all about. I might write about it another time. But, it’s trying, the whole supply and demand thing is totally out of whack and we already had to buy a chest freezer for the extra milk. And to think I thought we had a lot of milk with Troy!

We headed up to Birmingham after Troy woke up from his nap Monday afternoon (so we could say goodbye) and after Justin’s belly was full. A pretty uneventful trip and a sleeping baby made it go by quickly. We stayed at L&G’s again which was so nice!

Monday night I was feeling good about being able to get Justin in with the orthopedic doctor. We were concerned that we were waiting too long to get J in his casts and get his club feet corrected.