Monday, March 14, 2011

Through the ringer today….

almost literally. I was hoping to try and not “baby” my baby. Well, that’s going to be hard to do. It seems as though if something isn’t going to go just right, well, it’s going to happen to Justin!

It began last Friday with his PKU test that didn’t take at UAB – so an appointment was made to get more blood taken today. And, he was scheduled for, well – to be circumcised. Didn’t happen while we were at UAB and I wanted Dr. G to do the procedure because of the type he does and it’s supposed to be maintenance free – and problem free.

First of all, for a baby to have a PKU test, they need to be pricked in their heel. Guess what, Justin has casts – from his toes to his thighs. That appointment didn’t work and we’ll have to go back later.

Next, he had his procedure without a hitch. I stayed with him for about an hour before leaving. Two hours later and a diaper full of blood, we headed back to the hospital. Guess what? In the 28 years that Dr. G had done this procedure, he had never had a problem. Justin was lucky number one (maybe my mom and I shouldn’t have written a shamrock on his cast). A few hours later, the problem was fixed and we headed home.

Little man is worn out. I think I’ll baby him for now – until the next time!


Carla said...

oh no! so sorry to hear about that, poor little fella. hope you and him both get a "break" from here on out! :)