Saturday, March 12, 2011

Justin is Two weeks!


So now we have been at home exactly the same amount of time Justin was in the hospital. I’m glad to be home!!! It is great being able to wake up to feed my child in the middle of the night knowing he is at HOME with us!

Cousins: Ryder (6 weeks), Troy (17 months), Justin (1 week)

cousins on couch

Justin and RyderIn the blue day gown I made for him. Buttons are from my grandmother (or great grandmother) – either way, they’re old!

In blue gown 1

  Two Weeks… profile J   On J's couch 1 On J's couch 

Let’s see, this is what this ball of energy is doing:

  • eating every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 (or 5) hours at night
  • sleeping a lot
  • learning to (sort of) cry – more like a whimper
  • lift his legs (casted) up in the air
  • projectile spit up (twice). Brian described it as from the movie Poltergeist
  • look around more and more
  • turn toward his brother making noises
  • go to the bathroom – a lot
  • whimper quite a bit while trying to latch on – I have to remind myself it’s a process
  • sleeping in the bouncy seat during the day and Moses basket at night

My mom has been with us all week. Although it’s J’s second week, it’s only his first week at home. She’s been very helpful with cleaning, cooking and helping with J and our wild child, T! Thanks KK!!!



Donna said...

OH MY GOODNESS ELYSE!!!! This has almost convinced me that I have to get google reader- I missed this past two weeks and I'm devastated! I read the whole thing tonight (with tears and joy) and can't believe you were here and suffering and I didn't know about it! Please, please let me know when you need to come up here- I would be happy to keep Troy for your appointments or you can stay in our huge basement (w/ kitchen, den, three bedrooms). You are amazing- you are such a good mom- you have such a calm, strong demeanor through all of this. Surely God has given you special grace for such a time as this. God bless you- and Justin is beautiful! Aren't you so glad he was over 8 lbs since he would have to be in the NICU? Oh he's so precious and I love his sweet feet and his sweet heart.