Friday, March 4, 2011

Justin Day 8 in the NICU

10:15 AM  post:

We slept under the oil can tonight….so we could get up “oily” this morning. Well, I woke up early. Let Brian sleep until 5:20 or so before I woke him up. We were out of the door by 6:10 so we could be in Justin’s room early enough in case the cardiologist came by early. There isn’t a whole lot of information on timeframes of doctors or treatments. Basically the nurses are given orders, follow the orders and sometimes it seems like they aren’t supposed to give opinions on anything! A bit frustrating but this is a teaching hospital and we are learning as we go.

So, back to the reason we are here early. We thought that if any doctors came by early, we would need to be in Justin’s room if we were going to catch them.

Around 9 or so, Dr. Hough-Telford (a first year resident assigned to Justin) came by. She is very nice and we have talked to her before but I didn’t ask her much about how the assignments work. So, she is assigned to Justin. She said she was in the middle of something yesterday and couldn’t get away to come see us last night (which is why Dr. Johnson stopped in).

Dr. Hough-Telford said that Justin looked great, seemed to be doing great (to her). She told us that the CT came back and he definitely has a right aortic arch (we knew this already). He does have 2 small VSDs (ventricular septic defect) between the two pumping chambers. This means he has a couple of small holes in his heart. Not uncommon (most babies are born with small ones in the top two chambers) and most fix themselves on their own. His are very, very small so that’s a good thing. We’ll have to follow up with the pediatric cardiologist in a month or two.

The doctor also said that she didn’t know why we wouldn’t be able to leave soon. Of course, she said that it is up to Dr. Toms and we should find out something by the time the doctors make their rounds. Crossing our fingers that today will be the day…maybe?

Troy is still in Auburn and Brian is in Birmingham. In the event that he is released today, we will need someone to pick up Troy and entertain him for a bit until we get home….

2:35 PM post:

We got some great news!!! We are going home! Yay! Brian is working on logistics and getting Troy home from Goli’s. Thanks to Laura – she found a car seat and will pick up Troy. My mom is headed home to pack and get to our house.

We have several videos we have to watch before we can leave. Brian is going to leave his car at the hospital so we can all ride home together. We have to go by L&G’s and get our luggage and will be on our way home!

We are beyond excited! This is a great way to find out we’re heading home. Praise the Lord!!!!!