Monday, March 21, 2011

Popular little baby

So we’ve had quite a few visitors….and love them!

My MIL was here all of last week helping with the baby, Troy and anything else that we needed help doing. She was FANTASTIC! Help is wonderful and she did a LOT of it! Troy was very happy, too. See, last week was spring break around here. What that means is that T’s regular sitter was on vacation. Therefore, we had him at home all day. I have to say that I don’t know how people do it! How do you feed a newborn, cook, feed a toddler and entertain a toddler? Someone is going to be unhappy and you’d have to choose between the newborn and the toddler. We didn’t have to do that last week because Memama was here! Thanks Memama!

Some photos:

I love this one of Memama. She has beautiful eyes.

Memama with J3Memama

This was an interesting photo. Troy is a wiggle worm. We only took 3o or more photos to get this one.

Corbitt cousins

The Corbitts.

Corbitt family

The grandkids with Grandy and Memama. Troy makes taking pictures interesting. But he was pretty good here.

Corbitt with grandkids

If only you could see the outtakes for this one. Mary was taking our picture and was making funny noises so Troy would look at her. It was entertaining for all of us!

Corbitts Russ with kids in wagonIn this picture, Brian was making funny sounds so Troy would look at him. I was laughing so Troy decided to look at me. So sweet! 

E Mary and kidsE Mary and kids1

Mamama came to visit!

E J and Mamama color

  She fell in love with Troy. It was Christmas the last time she saw him. Mamama and J2