Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Club Foot – Second Casting

So little J had his second casting scheduled today. Appointment was at 1 in the afternoon and was with a different doctor because Dr. D was out of town. I’m of the opinion that the afternoon schedule is much busier than the morning schedule. After an hour wait, we saw Dr. G.

Okay, so Dr. G is great. Funny but very professional. I talked to him about the Dobbs bar and said we weren’t sure if we were going to opt for a certain bar or participate in a study. The study is to compare the Dobbs brace and the Markell brace. I’m just not sure yet. If we choose one or the other, we’ll keep that one for Justin throughout his treatment.

As soon as J’s casts were taken off (they are wrapped and unwrapped), he started moving his legs around. They are tiny because he hasn’t been using them but I think they are perfect. This casting did not involve any crying. His feet were manipulated and J just looked around the room while Dr. G did his thing. He has tolerated them well.

Photos below show his feet without the casts and after the 2nd casting:

DSC_9883 DSC_9889

Then he got hungry.

DSC_9884Oh, and I have tendonitis in my wrist. Lovely, right? This happened with Troy, too. Hopefully it will end soon.   

We’ll be back next Tuesday at 9 am for the third casting.


The Parrish's said...

His feet already looked so good!!

Jo-Ann said...

His feet are looking good so far! Yay!

When Matthew got his bar, there was no such thing as a Dobbs bar, but now that Matthew sees Dr Dobbs himself, I have seen the Dobbs bar on kids. I have to say, I am very impressed with it. Had it been around when Matthew was a baby, I think we would have used it.

Just my 2 cents. :)