Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Some photos from the past week or so…

  Me feeding Justin for the first time (3 days after he was born – first bottle). This was very awkward. If you can, look at how I had to have one arm in each isolette hole. Had to hold his head with my right hand and feed him the bottle with my left hand. Not an easy thing to do….and I have tendonitis in my wrists. Not so fun but I’m not trying to complain.feeding J for the first time

He could only eat 20 cc’s at a time.

first feeding

The first time we were able to hold Justin:B and E with J first time holding him Oh how tired I look….but I’m still proud to be able to hold my baby (after 4 days).E holding J for the first timeJ's sweet face

J’s sweet, precious feet.

feet 2

  This is the kangaroo hold. Skin to skin is supposed to be very relaxing for the baby. Notice I had to keep the oxygen next to his face but it was nice to hold him.  Kangaroo hold with Jwith mama

Memama holding him for the first time.

Memama bw  I took the below photo before I knew we’d be leaving the same day. Great one week birthday present!

One week photo Justin in Nicufeet