Sunday, March 13, 2011

Troy at 18 Months

18 months in argyle outside


He’s a mess but I love him to death! Energetic, excitable, funny, never-slows-down. We have to put him in a high chair to get him to be still. He is a sweet thing, too. Loves to give kisses (probably so we will tell him he’s "so sweet”).

His hair is probably too long, I have to admit, but I’m not ready to get it cut (oh, and I have a newborn!).

Weight: 29.4 pounds

Height: 32 inches

Head: 19 inches

He loves his Mama and Daddy – he says so, so much. He will put 3 words together now. We have to be careful because he will repeat (or try) EVERYTHING we say!

He’s adjusting well to his new brother. Throws a few fits but this was to be expected. As parents who haven’t chartered this territory, it is at times difficult to know how to handle him.Troy in living room

Can you see what this is below? Oh, it’s the baby’s play mat. He has decided he likes pacifiers (no, we don’t let him suck on one) and baby toys. Thus, he’s laying underneath the baby play mat. He will say “bebe” and play under it for a little while. Then he will walk over and kick it. Nice! Oh, and NO, we don’t leave him alone around the baby.

troy under play mat bw2

Troy is a HAM. I think he is funny and wants to be funny. If he sees anyone laughing (not necessarily at him), he will start laughing with his fake laugh just to try to get a reaction out of someone. He loves to chase and be chased and LOVES outside. I think he would live out there if he could.


Donna said...

He is a BIG gorgeous boy- I can't believe he's only 19 months- he's seems so grown!